Increasing Market visibility on E-commerce Sites

E-commerce is all the rage these days, and for all the right reasons too! Electronic commerce, or Internet commerce, is a new way of selling your products or services through online platforms, which means you can connect to millions of people who are online at the same moment. To have a successful e-commerce website, you must know and improve your market visibility.

Market visibility plays a significant role in selling your product, and is critical for all companies, irrespective of being start-ups, or already established brands. There are two approaches you can take when it comes to trying to increase visibility on e-commerce platforms. If you are a beginner and just starting out, or new to this, there are some basic, standard steps you can take to get people to recognize your name. If you’re already a well-established business that wants to further expand their reach, or, willing to take risks, and try experimental marketing, then feel free to skip to the ‘Tips For Experimental Marketing’ part of the blog, although you might find some tips you can brush up on in this first half.


The Fundamentals Of Market Visibility You Have to Know:


1) Blogs: This is a very powerful tool, along with being an essential inbound marketing strategy, for you can target your audience based on the different category of customers you want. By providing information and showing your expertise of knowledge to your target audience, you can increase the visibility of your website.

Also, each blog post is considered as a separate and unique web page, therefore by increasing the number of blogs, you are expanding your digital footprint on Google, and in turn, increasing your visibility.

It would be great if you could put up blogs as often as possible, but keep in mind, not to put out bad content, or to put out too many at once.

2) Optimizing your SEO: Mastering your SEO skills, or at least, knowing the basics of SEO can take you far ways in raising your visibility. Here are some tips: a. Write content using variations of your main keyword phrase. b. Use titles and descriptive pages. c. Use keywords even in your anchor texts. d. Write descriptive alt tags for all your images, keeping the main keyword phrase in mind. e. Using relevant keywords, create unique pages to stand out. f. Putting up your website on Google Maps can also increase your SEO significantly.

 3) Sharing relevant information: Sharing content and your ideas to customers can also increase your visibility. The content does not have to be original at all to get views or prove useful to your audience. All you need to do is give information your target audience might need, and expand and express your own views and opinions on it.

 4) Keep your customers happy: Get in touch with your customers through social media and other platforms, collect feedbacks, engage them, give them occasional perks, and most importantly, get their reviews. Todays 90% online shopping is based on customer reviews, and you sure don’t want your product to have unsolved bad feedbacks and low customer ratings. This is perhaps, the most important part in raising your visibility. Keeping your target audience happy and constantly exceed their expectations is the quickest way to expand your website and gain visibility.


Tips For Experimental Marketing:

Now while experimental marketing can give you higher visibility on e-commerce platforms, it is also more expensive, as it is a trial-and-error type of marketing, but would return more profits. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to start, or improve your e-commerce visibility using experimental marketing:

1) Know and connect with your audience’s persona This is really important during experimental marketing. It is not enough to just know your target audience but to know how they think. How would the audience react to the changes in your product is also important. Also how your message would reach them, where they would be found. There is usually a misunderstanding on what you feel your audience would want, and they’d actually need. Also making meaningful connections with your audience, and building personal relations can keep and expand your audience.

2) Research, Research, and more Research!! Only the ideas, strategies and implementations are new, not experimental marketing itself. So the more research you do on your customers and how to make them a part of your brand, how to engage them more, the more response you’ll get, and the more visible your product will become. For example, you could try using Facebook Live, 360, etc. are just a couple of the many options you can explore.

3) Is it worthy enough to be shared? If you’re going to experiment in new ads or share new content, make sure that you connect with the audience, on emotional and relatable levels, creating strong content that leaves a long-lasting impression, as the first impression is the best one. Basically ask yourself the question: Is it worthy enough that people would be sharing your content with other people?

4) Give preference to your customers Put your customers before you, but also keep the brand in mind. The goals of your experimental marketing should not get stuck in just providing a good experience, but should be well planned, and have an end goal that assures that customers become a part of the brand.

5) Take educated risks Experimental marketing can be exciting and have tons of room to be imaginative, but being overly crazy with your ideas and taking huge, unnecessary risks is not advisable, and will be devastating if it just turns into losses. Instead, if you do want to test ideas, group a small number of your audience into different categories, and see how each category will react to your idea.

6) Keep it fun Make your idea as engaging and fun as possible for the customer. Think of your idea like being a game for your audience. Add surprises, special privileges, which uncover later during for the customers for staying with you, or encouraging your ideas. Keep offers and bonuses to attract new customers, reward loyal customers, etc. Ultimately, the experience should be built in such a way that it sells its way.

These are such a few tips you could incorporate to greatly increase your visibility for your products on e-commerce. Let us know what you felt of the blog in the comments below, and stay tuned for next week’s topics on the differences between Amazon and Flipkart.

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